Zooey's yellow striped dress from Fox ads

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Dress by Ted Baker

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  1. Gabs says:

    Hey if all the links i have posted on this same outfit suddenly pop up, i apologise. :/

    Hope they don’t, hope at least one does though. Ha.

  2. Linda says:

    Thanks so much Gabs! I found your comment in the spam list haha

  3. Gabs says:

    Ha! No wonder, the amount of times i posted the same thing, trying to get it to work.

    As i said in one of my previous “spammed” comments (ha) the dress comes in yellow stripe but the Ted Baker website is having problems with the viewing option, i contacted them. Because i am that “cool”.

  4. Linda says:

    Haha thank you. Hopefully a pic gets added so i can put it up. There are a few sites that stock Ted Baker, maybe itwill show up.

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