Jess's colorblock cardigan on New Girl

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Featured on New Girl episode "Backslide" - 1x23
Cardigan: Colorblock cardigan by Kate Spade
Dress: 'The Grace Dress' by Jolie & Elizabeth

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  1. The dress she’s wearing is The Grace Dress by Jolie & Elizabeth, which is available for purchase here:!shop-now/vstc24=dresses/productsstackergalleryv23=19.

  2. Kristen says:

    It’s not the same exact colors but when I saw Jessica/Zooey wear this on New Girl, it reminded me of this cardigan that I saw at Target…

  3. hP says:

    OK..this Kate Spade cardigan is only about $110 today only, May 16th!!! (Yes, ONLY a hundred bucks.. still a lot to me, but it’s abt 60% off).

  4. hP says:

    Oh, sorry, it’s on sale today on

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