Zooey's green dress with blue bow belt on New Girl

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Featured on New Girl episode "Fancyman Part 1" - 1x17
Dress: 'Grass Court' Dress from Anthropologie
Sweater: Jackie cardigan in Byzantine Blue from J.Crew

Zooey Deschanel Fashion: Anthropologie Grass Court dress worn on New Girl

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  1. […] semi-attainable most of the time. I mean, okay, I am not actually going to spend $168 dollars on this dress from Anthropologie, but I did see it up close when I was there last weekend (not buying anything, touching everything […]

  2. Rana says:

    It is hard to see from this angle, but Zooey is actually wearing a kitten heel with this dress and they are a blue suede. I have these, and I LOVE them. Plus, they look great with this dress! Also, her jacket obstructs it but she is wearing a Cobalt blue cardigan. There is one at JCrew that looks perfect with the dress!

  3. Rana says:

    I didn’t realize that the link I posted didn’t show up in the comment field, so here it is:


  4. hP says:

    The Anthro dress is now $80. I saw it on the sale rack at my local store… I tried it on. It was alright. The length hits below the knee. I think they altered it shorter on the show. If they don’t have your size at the store, you can order it and have it shipped to your house for free.

  5. Anaïs says:

    Is someone found the green dress on the Anthro website ? i just can’t find it :'(

  6. violette says:

    Love this website! It is so useful.

    I read about this dress, went to the link for the green Anthro dress, and I saw that it was sold out online.

    HOWEVER, if you call the 800 number for anthropologie, they will give you a list of stores in the US that have the dress still on the rack. Then you call the stores yourself individually, and the store will then ship it to you free shipping! I called about a size 2, and they had it in four stores. I got one shipped to me free shipping within a week. It was $89. A little pricy, but the dress is such killer quality.

    That Nordstrom link has the blue heels sold out…but…

    There is a perfect blue velvet heel called “Fallyn” on the shoe dazzle website here:

    Thanks for your awesome website!

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