What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear?

Zooey's sweater with black sleeves and pink collar on New Girl

Striped sweater with pink trim on New Girl

Zooey Deschanel in a black lace dress

Black lace dress at The Alliance For Children’s Rights event 2012

Zooey's pink coat and black crossbody bag on New Girl

Pink coat and black crossbody bag on New Girl

Zooey Deschanel on the set of New Girl

Black shorts, collared longsleeve top and black and white crossbody bag on New Girl

Zooey's white lace dress from Hello Giggles promo pics

White lace dress from Hello Giggles promo pic

Zooey Deschanel in a patterned dress and blue shoes

Purple and green shirtdress from New Girl

Zoey's red plaid shirt from New Girl

Red check shirt with jeans and striped lace-up shoes from New Girl

Zooeys green sequined dress

Green sequin and ruffle dress from UK New Girl promo pics

Zooey's polka dot dress from She and Him clip

Polka dot dress from “In the Sun” filmclip

Zooey's outfit from In the Sun clip

She and Him “In the Sun” film clip

Cute Dress Break

Zooeys plaid maxi dress

Plaid gown at Writers Guild Awards 2012

Zooeys valetines day twitter pic

Valentines Day Twitter pic – red heart sunglasses

Zooey's black outfit from Valentines day episode of New Girl

Black high waisted shorts with tights and boots from New Girl

Zooeys red heart dress on SNL

Red and white heart dress on SNL

Jess's pink striped pajamas on New Girl

Pink Striped Pajamas on New Girl

Zooey deschanel's outfit from Jimmy Fallon

Black drop waist dress on Jimmy Fallon

Black check shirt dress from New Girl

Black gingham check shirtdress from New Girl

Jess's red cardigan with white pearls on New Girl

Red cardigan with tiny pearls from New Girl

Zooey's red top and green flats from New Girl

Red 3/4 blouse and green flats from New Girl

Jess's cream lace bow dress on New Girl

Lace Bow Dress from New Girl

Zoeey's purple bow dress from New Girl

Purple dress from “Hey Girl” music video

Zooey's red crossbody bag

Red messenger bag

Teal dress on New Girl

Teal blue dress from New Girl

Cute Dress Break